Trish McEvoy’s ‘Triangle of Light’ method will change the way you apply undereye concealer

Undereye concealer has always been an essential part of my daily makeup application, and I’ve tried many different brands over the years in an effort to combat undereye circles and darkness (check out my current fave here). But it wasn’t until I discovered Trish McEvoy’s “Triangle of Light” method that I realized it’s just as important how you apply your concealer as it is which kind of concealer you use.


Trish’s signature Triangle of Light tip applies concealer in an inverted triangle under the eye, bringing the point just past your area of darkness. Blend with your finger or cream brush. The results? Undereye circles disappear, the concealer blends flawlessly with the rest of your face and your eyes get an instant lift. Give it a try!

via theFashionSpot

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