Groupbalm.jpgH.Wood, the massive Hollywood club that’s been a home away from home for the Hills girls, has now forayed into… beauty?

h.wood.beauty is a holistic tea-inspired line of cosmetics. Like the aromatic teas brewed from nature’s finest organic tea leaves, h.wood.beauty
uses only the purest of ingredients combined with healing essential

h.wood.beauty spins off its tea room namesake in that
good-for-you-tea ingredients such as White Tea and Green Tea are fused
together to bring beauty from the inside out. Because the best beauty
trends start with word of mouth, h.wood.beauty is launching their line with a collection of lip products called h.wood.lips.

The collection includes:

Lip Tea– similar to beeswax or chap sticks, lip balm in twist up stick form. Coconut-Chai, Gingergrass, Green Apple, Peppermint Anise, Pom Rose, and Vanilla Caramel.
Lip Tea Scrubs– loose grain, tea-infused scrub in pot form for lips. Comes in the same flavors as lip tea.
Lip Shine Tubes – sheer washes of color in bullet form. Comes in Plum, Ruby, Poppy, Rose, and Clear.
Lip Shine Pot– same as the tubes, but in pot form.

We were able to try the Shine Tubes in Ruby and Plum, Lip Tea in Coconut Chai, and the Shine Pot in Clear.

The Clear Shine Pot gave a nice, gloss finish, but wasn’t any different than a lot of gloss pots. It was light, a bit waxy, and had a faint citrus flavor.

The Lip Tea in Coconut Chai was a nice balm stick, similar to Burt’s Bees. It’s emollient and moisturzing enough, didn’t feel sticky or waxy, but our favorite part was the flavor. YUM. We’d try the others for the flavor payoff alone.

The biggest surprise was the Lip Shine Tubes. The Shines looked kind of basic and unassuming in the tube, but the color payoff was amazing. The Plum gave a sheer yet rich plummy brown-red shade, similar to Clinique’s famous Black Honey, and the Ruby, which looked frightening in the tube, was way less bright of a red than it appeared, giving a nice, cherry popsicle sheen.

We’d love to get our hands on the Lip Scrub, which intrigued us the most! Can’t wait to try it.

$10-24, hwoodbeauty.com 

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