MBeze Deodorettes

Who knew that deodorant could be so fun? MBeze did.

MBeze is an organic cosmetics company with a line of fragrances and deodorants….including the super adorable Deodorettes. Deodorettes are mini sticks of deodorant in yummy scents, and boast a cuter, more cosmetic look than your typical deodorant stick so you can use them anywhere. They fit
in any clutch, purse, bag…even your pocket!

The mini sweat-stoppers come in eight different scents, including:

Aim To Be Pleased: cherry blossom and added just a dash of sandalwood.
Koko Haze: coconut and toasted hazelnut, sweetened with a
touch of mango tea and sweet orange.
Cruizee: cucumber, jasmine and mint tea.
Ife: strawberry with African musk and
Once Bitten: apple blossom, vanilla, and a twist of lime.
Sanura: sweet orange essential oil blended with Egyptian musk.
Twice Shy: scent of pink grapefruit is topped off with a touch of fresh
Me: unscented.

Best of all, Deodorettes are made with natural and organic ingredients – no aluminum,
parabens, propylene glycol, or phthalates, which make them cruelty free and great for the environment. If used once
per day, one Deodorette will last about 1 month.

Deodorant has never been so chic!  $10 each, at MBeze.com. (for a limited time, get 25% OFF each Deodorette when you buy 2 or more + free shipping today)

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