In search of trendy nail color that's office friendly

Q. I love all the fun funky bright nail colors for spring, but I
work in a very conservative law office and having green or blue nails
really isn’t an option.  I tried this once with a gorgeous deep blue
Chanel polish, and caught endless grief over it.  Is there a nail color
you recommend that is both on-trend and yet office appropriate?

A. Yes! The hottest trend in nail color for Spring is gray-beige, or “greige”. Greige polish is a mushroom/gray/taupe hybrid that ranges in intensity from deeper putty shades to sheer hues, making it easy to wear for any occasion. 

Chanel’s new Particuliere ($23) nail polish has adorned the nails of Hollywood’s trendiest stars, such as Eva Mendes, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Sandra Bullock, who wore it to the Golden Globes. O.P.I.’s Over The Taupe is also a great option, but perhaps our favorite (and probably more office appropriate), is Revlon’s new Gray Suede, which falls on the lighter side of the spectrum. Described as the “perfect gray nude”, beauty lovers and editors alike are crazy for the shade. It isn’t available until next month, but Teen Vogue Editor Eva Chen recently twitpic’d a sneak peek, and it’s totally worth the wait!


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