Iron-on deodorant?

e6fcecd9caba86a1_odor-tags.jpgYou can iron your clothes, you can iron your hair (although we wouldn’t recommend it), and now— you can iron your deodorant. Wait, what?

Odor Tags, created by UK brand Odegon, are odor-absorbing,
nanoporous fabric patches designed to trap body odor that can be either ironed or sewn onto clothing, as easy as an iron-on t-shirt transfer. Constructed of a controlled carbon material and military-grade fiber, the tags are odorless, nonallergenic, and free of chemicals.

569be919727ae7f5_Picture_4.pngOne small 7 by 4cm tag is powerful enough to capture odor and absorb wetness, and will last as long as your clothing

The concept itself is pretty neat….at least we won’t have to worry
about forgetting to apply before running out of the house!

$18 for six,  $70 for
24 at

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