Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne


When we were a bubbly teenager, the top of our dresser was adorned with at least seven Bath and Body Works body mists. One of our favorites (which we swore made us smell grown up, whatever that means) was the pear scent. The bold, almost nauseatingly pungent spray was light years away from Jo Malone’s new cologne, English Pear & Freesia. 
The key notes include King William pear, white freesia and patchouli. The sweet, crisp pear comes through on top and transitions slowly into a light floral scent. The patchouli is present in the slight warmth behind the cool fruity notes, making the complex cologne the perfect combination of late summer and early fall. 
Though Jo Malone fragrances are a little pricey, we think they are well worth the money, as a little goes a long way, and the scents are so unique and mouth-watering. 
Overall, English Pear & Freesia is layered wonderfully with soft, yet crisp scents that is perfect for autumn (or all year long, really.) $55/$100 (30 ml, 100 ml),

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