Jo Malone introduces its new Tea Fragrance Blends


Ever since we discovered the Jo Malone brand about five years back, it’s held the crown for our favorite line of fragrance. The reason for this firm stance when there are so many options out there? That’s easy. The Jo Malone brand is unique. There are few fragrances like the ones produced by the unabashedly English company. And perhaps what we love the most, is that they are total purists – they stick to what they know, and that, dear readers, is scent. Glorious, different scents that make you feel like you’re in on a wonderful secret shared by few. 
So it should come as no surprise that the release of their new collection – the Tea Fragrance Blends – thrills us to no end. There are five scents in total (we got to sample four), and we were very much surprised (though we’re not sure why) with the complex, yet delightful fragrances in each 1 fl. oz (30 mL), limited edition glass bottle. 
Here are our thoughts on each fragrance we tried:
Assam & Grapefruit Cologne – this one is by far our favorite scent. It’s crisp, fresh and fruity, with a slight underlying warmth and spice. It has just the right amount of citrus notes, but isn’t too bright that you smell like a cup of grapefruit juice. This could easily be our go-to, everyday cologne.
Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne – we thought we knew what this one was going to be like, but we were totally wrong in all the best ways. Honestly, we don’t really get the cucumber, but we don’t love this any less. Definitely more complex and heady than the Assam & Grapefruit, sweet, yet spicy with a hint of fruitiness. The kind of scent that you can’t help but keep sniffing because you are determined to figure out what it reminds you of. 
Fresh Mint Leaf Cologne – there is no mistaking that this is a mint-packed scent. It gets you right at the get go, and develops into an herbier note the more it settles in. It feels cool on the skin, awakens our senses, and makes us envision running through an English countryside in the middle of spring. It’s the perfect scent to spritz on after a cool shower, and feel…well, like “ahhhhhhhhhhh” (really, only a spa-like sound can fully describe this smell.) 
Sweet Milk Cologne – we were a little nervous to give this one a go, as it sounded like it could be sickeningly sweet, but it wasn’t (especially when you layer it with the Grapefruit cologne, to bring in some freshness.) The almond in this fragrance is very present which we grew to love the more we wore it. 
Sweet Lemon Cologne – we did not get to sample this scent, but Jo Malone says the following: “Mirroring the custom of adding a slice of freshly-cut lemon or a sprinkle of sugar to a cup of just-brewed tea, Sweet Lemon is given a fruity twist with pineapple, peach and fresh green cypress.” Sounds yum to us!
$55 for 1 fl. oz.,

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