Try Karuna Skin Restoring Treatment Mask for hydrated, radiant skin


After I wrote about the at-home facial, I decided to take a look into other products that could help prolong my trips to the spa. I stumbled upon another mask that I have fallen in love with, the Karuna Skin Restoring Treatment Mask ($48). 

One of my biggest issues is my sensitive skin, but also the dryness I suffer from in the fall and winter months, so I was on a mission to find a restoring mask that can help refresh my skin at home. The minute I tried this one, I knew it was what my beauty routine was missing. The coconut water moisturizes and revives your skin while the sweet orange and probiotics help minimize signs of aging, and the advanced hyaluronic acid offers maximum hydration. You use the mask the same way you would use a pore cleansing strip, you simply apply the mask until it dries and lightly peel it off, leaving you with moisturized, hydrated, and radiant skin.

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