Get Kate Hudson's glam beauty look


Kate Hudson is known for her boho-chic, almost effortless, natural style — but this week she hit the red carpet in a look that was anything but effortless (that didn’t make it any less pretty). Her darkly lined eyes were done with thin strokes that almost formed a cat eye and her bold berry lips looked simply perfect. 
Copying her eyes requires a steady hand, a thin eyeliner brush (like Sephora Collection Pro Gel Liner Brush #26) and a good gel eyeliner (like Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner). To ensure a smooth line with little-to-no smudging, you’re going to want to dab a smidge of powder across your lids especially near the lash line. After priming the lids, dip the brush into the gel eyeliner and wipe off any excess or clumps onto a tissue. Trace the upper outline of your lid first, trying to stay as close to the lash line as possible. Then do the same on the lower lid. Try to move in even strokes and avoid the temptation to keep retracing the line — Kate’s liner may be dark in color, but it’s also very minimal. Let the gel eye liner set in a bit before applying rest of eye makeup.
Image: PRPhotos

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