Keep your eyes bright and beautiful even during allergy season


For many of us our eyes feel some of the most brutal effects of allergy season. But there are ways to manage the symptoms and emerge even more bright-eyed than ever before. 

If your eyes are often watery, itchy and/or red during this time of year, you might want to consider using eye drops. Talk with your doctor about what your best options are. I use an over the counter formula that helps get the gunky feeling out and takes the stinging (as well as the red lines) away. 

After using medicines aimed at lessening my symptoms, I turn to cosmetics to keep me looking the part. Every morning and every night I apply an eye cream (here’s a review of my favorite: Kiss My Face Eye Witness Eye Repair Creme) to my under-eye area. Using only a small amount I dab the cream on under my eyes and then rub it — using the lightest of pressures — in a circular motion in to my skin. 
Because of my eyes heightened sensitivities during spring, I try to limit the amount of eye makeup I apply. I also make sure to remove all my makeup at the end of the day to ensure no irritants are left to agitate my eyes while I sleep. Take the Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips is my favorite eye-specific makeup remover, as it clears away the makeup but doesn’t take any natural moisture with it. I often follow up with a cleansing facial towelette like Say Yes to Cucumbers Hypoallergenic Wipes, just to make sure my skin is completely clean before bed. 
I also make sure my brushes are clean and free of particles or dust that might irritate my eyes. Sephora makes a great brush cleansing spray, Daily Brush Cleaner, that cleans makeup brushes nicely and doesn’t require rinsing. 

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