Kelly Rippa's new cropped coif is fall fresh


It’s that time of year where women opt for something bold and fun to usher in a new season. Last week we had Hayden Panettiere with her blunt bangs and this week we have Kelly Rippa with an amazingly cute and fun bob haircut. In fact, this cut is so spot-on perfect that I’m suffering from a slight case of hair envy — I just got my hair done this week and I couldn’t bring myself to chop it off (even though part of me was screaming, “Just Do It!”). After debuting the cut in a sleeker, straighter style earlier this week, Kelly added a little bounce and some waves to it on Wednesday. Both iterations look fabulous on her and they show versatile short hair really can be. 

Am I the only one sitting on the sidelines staring longingly at this cut, or are you ready to lose your locks for this cute style?

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