Lash Control Mascara

Tired of clumpy lashes? Wasting tons of product on ill-designed packaging? Enter LashControl. lashcon.jpg

Lash Control is an innovative squeezable mascara package which allows you to continuously regulate the desired amount of mascara product on the brush. Currently offered is Pink Sqeeze and Purple Squeeze, one mascara
gives length and the other gives volume, and both mascaras feature
botanical-enriched, beeswax-based formulas. The patented
delivery wiper sleeves let you decide how much formula comes out just by
squeezing as you remove the brush. You’re in control, so brush on
longer-looking, sexy-yet-professional lashes or dial up the drama. No
more scraping or wiping off wasted mascara with a tissue.

The mascara also currently comes in Clear, a “top” coat to seal mascara and give an added sheen (it can also be used to set brows), with more formulas to follow.

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