Lierac Microabrasion

microabrasion.jpgA good scrub can be hard to find: this little scrub is too grainy, this little scrub is too gentle, and this little scrub will take your face off if you aren’t careful.

When it comes to exfoliation, it’s hard to know which end is up with all of the contradictory chatter— peels vs grains, beads vs shells, it’s enough to drive you up a wall. The best scrubs are gentle enough for everyday use, tough enough to give you a really smooth result, and most importantly, make your skin glow.

One of our new faves does just that. Lierac Microabrasion claims to help deliver “brand-new skin” in just 2 minutes. The cream works to exfoliate the skin deep-down and prevent and correct the appearance of visible signs of skin aging, such as loss of radiance and tone, fine lines, and dehydration. Results are visible from the very first session: skin feels smoother, toned and moisturized; the skin’s texture appears more refined, the complexion more radiant and fine lines diminished.

The smoothing cream definitely delivers on it’s promise. Our skin was amazingly smooth and glowing after our first use. We have a winner!


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