L'Occitane to launch beauty line

French skincare brand L’Occitane has announced it’s plans to add a  flower-inspired makeup line to it’s range of skin and body care products. Having tried color in the past unsuccessfully, execs have hopes that
the collection will draw new
customers to the brand, as well as a younger demographic. The line is to change
regularly, and will rotate new collections every few
months, all based on floral themes.

First up, a peony-inspired makeup collection that will hit stores worldwide within the next month, and will include eye, cheek and face colors, as well as bronzer,
lip color and lip gloss.

Laure Masson, L’Occitane’s U.K. Marketing Manager, said: “The peony is a symbol of beauty and femininity in the Mediterranean.” L’Occitane
went as far as to consult peony expert Jean-Luc Rivière, to get the theme just right. Each product’s shade is inspired by different varieties of peonies; for example, the line’s Healthy Glow Face Bronzer is inspired by the yellow-hued
Mine d’Or peony, and the flower remains a theme throughout the product’s cardboard container, as well as its outer packaging.

The color
line comprises 19 items, including lipstick; lip shine; tinted water,
which can be used on lips and cheeks; lip balm, and illuminating powder.
Makeup brushes and a fragrance, Paeonia, are also part of the
collection. The eau de toilette, which includes notes of bergamot,
grapefruit, peony, rose petals, sandalwood and white musk, and brushes
will remain part of L’Occitane‘s lineup permanently.

Prices will range from over $10 for some lip balm to over $40 for a
Paeonia perfume.
[Via WWD]

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