Look dewy, not shiny! The world's best blotting papers

How many times have you taken pictures with your friends, only to look at them and wish your face didn’t look so greasy? If you’re like us, it’s happened more times than you’d care to remember. Luckily, there’s a miraculous invention that makes that unsightly shine disappear in an instant. Welcome to the wonderful world of blotting papers! Read on to learn about some of our very favorites.

Blotting-Linens-Image-1.jpgSephora Matte Blotting Film
Pretty blue papers made from an absorbent, microporous film ensure your skin will be matte to the max.
$10 for 50 sheets at sephora.com

Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens
Natural albaca leaf fibers and the slight scent of refreshing green tea make for a beautiful set of shine-reducing linens.
$10 for 100 at ulta.com

Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper
We seriously love everything about these papers — especially the chic little carrying case.
$18 for 100 at sephora.com

Blotting-Linens-Image-2.jpgEarth Therapeutics Shine-Free Spot Blots
What a fun name, right? And the rice-infused consistency gets rid of all unearthly shine and grease in an instant!
$5 for 80 at ulta.com

Hollywood Fashion Tape Oil Blotting Film
The purveyor of all things mishap (we’re talking nipple covers, double-sided tape and more!) has, of course, created blotting papers guaranteed to give you that gorgeous Hollywood-ready skin.
$5 for 18 at beauty.com

Philosophy The Supernatural Blotting Papers
“Never let them see you shine.” We can definitely get behind the phrase printed on the front of this adorable packaging.
$10 for 100 at beauty.com

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