Look your best this holiday season!

It’s that time of year again … when the holiday party
invites stack up and you have to – literally – put your best face forward. If
you’re feeling a bit iffy about your look this season, don’t worry – we’ve got
some tried and true tips that will ensure you’ll be the life of any holiday


This is true regardless of whether you’ve got a fancy party
to go to, really – but drinking lots of water will only help your skin. Facialists
and aestheticians really do know what they’re talking about when they tell you
to drink up – your skin will be fresh, rejuvenated and so healthy-looking. Not
to mention it’s always good to have lots of water in your system before downing
any alcoholic beverages. We recommend drinking at least 1.5 liters a day, if
not 2 full liters.

Clarins-Beauty-Flash-Balm.jpgGET YOUR GLOW ON

You’re rushing out the door to a party and don’t really have
time for a full face of makeup. Not a problem – just reach for a balm that,
when applied to your cheeks and contours, gives you just the right amount of
glow. We love Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
($45 at clarins.com) – a little bit really goes a long way to providing
radiance and luminosity.

NARS-Single-Eyeshadow-Etrusque.jpgGO FOR THE GLITZ

The holidays are definitely the time for a little (or a
lot!) of sparkle. Why not make your eyes stand out with a glittery eyeshadow? Our
favorites are definitely by NARS, Stila and M.A.C (like NARS Single Eyeshadow in Etrusque, above — $23 at beauty.com) — they all have amazing colors in every hue imaginable.



When else can your nails be super blingy and yet no one will bat an eye … except to tell you how fabulous they look? The holidays are the perfect time to break out that sparkly polish you’ve been dying to wear but thought better of all year long. Try one with serious wow factor like butter LONDON Victoriana 3 Free Nail Lacquer ($14 at beauty.com) we guarantee people’s eyes won’t be looking anywhere else but at your hands.


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