L'Oreal Ideal Skin Genesis Complexion Equalizer

In the warmer months, most of us need a lighter moisturizer- if any at all- to avoid an oil slick. L’oreal’s new Ideal Skin Genesis Complexion Equalizer is a light cream with an almost gel-like consistency that delivers just the right amount of hydration, without the heavy feel or residue.

Complexion Equalizer contains pink
tourmaline gemstone
that is ground to a fine micro-powder, whichl helps to improve the skin’s clarity, even tone,
and eliminate blotchiness and discoloration. The cream also contains time released Vitamin C, which together with the tourmaline gemstone speeds cell renewal resulting in faster turnover and more radiant skin. Salicylic acid and glycerin are also used to aid in exfoliation and hydration.

L’oreal promises more even skin tone and luminous clarity in as little as one month with continued use. In two weeks, 91% of testers saw restored skin clarity, and in four weeks, a brighter, more even complexion. With stats like that, how can you go wrong?

As an added bonus, the cream smells amazing, and feels like silk
going on. Plus, it’s hydrating enough that most of you won’t need an additional moisturizer. Perfect for the summer heat!

$19.99, Target.com

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