L'Oreal's new Magic Smooth Souffle makeup


When we first received our package from L’Oreal Paris containing their new Magic Smooth Souffle makeup, we read through their product information and all we could think of was “Huh?” With terminology like elastomer, microspheres and Mati-Crystal Technology, no wonder it’s just put simply as magic
But, confusion aside, I prepped my face for using the mousse-textured foundation, and started applying with my fingers. I definitely had a preconceived idea of what this was going to look like on my face. I used to be a regular user of Maybelline’s mousse foundation – mostly because of the coverage – but switched to mineral makeup because of the dull, matte look it left on my skin. I was pleasantly surprised, though, because my face was smooth and luminous. 
The consistency starts out thick and creamy, and as you apply it to your face, it turns velvety and dry (but not drying.) I was most impressed with by the Magic Smooth Souffle makeup was the even application. I always have a hard time getting even coverage with liquid/cream foundations, but not the case here. My face felt nicely primed for blush and eye makeup, and light as air (I really hate that cakey feeling, as we’re sure most ladies do.) Though the shade we were provided with was a touch too light, I’m sure I could find the right  tone in the dozen colors available. 
After the 10-hours-of-use mark, my face was still intact from the morning application. Plus, my oily complexion seemed much more under control than it normally is. The only thing I wish it delivered was some SPF, but sounds like a winner to me! $14.99, target.com

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