Lucas’ Papaw Ointment makes a comeback as beauty’s latest miracle product

Hardly a new product, Lucas’ Papaw Ointment was developed over 100 years ago as a natural medicine for treatment of minor burns, sunburns, rashes and insect bites. The main ingredient is papaw, or carica papaya fresh fermented fruit, from Australia and is known for its anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties. Today, Papaw Ointment is experiencing a resurgence and fast becoming a beauty insider and celebrity favorite for a variety of skin and hair woes.

Ideal for tackling rough, dry patches on feet, elbows, knees and lips, the ointment helps keep skin baby soft. Use it as a cuticle cream or to tame fly-aways (use it sparingly to avoid greasy-looking hair) or as an eyebrow grooming balm. Available in pot or tube format, keep one in your bag, medicine cabinet and desk for instant touch-ups any time!

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