Luxe must: La Mer The Mist

La-Mer-The-Mist.jpgWant a little luxury in your life? Well, La Mer The Mist is the way to go.

Now, we happen to love a face mist. It’s one of the beauty products that you’ll find stashed on our vanity, in our bathroom cabinet, on our desk at work … we have lots and lots of them. But there’s something about this one from La Mer that just keeps us coming back.

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s formulated with highly charged waters that heal, hydrate and rebalance the skin no matter how dry and dehydrated it’s gotten. Maybe it’s the marine and botanical extracts that soothe surface irritations and relax dry lines to restore skin’s appearance. Maybe it’s the refreshing, floral-like scent. Or maybe it’s just the fact that it’s the prettiest shade of pale lavender.

In any case, this is one face mist we simply can’t get enough of. You can bet we’ve stocked up so it’s sitting in every room of our house.

La Mer The Mist retails for $55 at

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