Make a mint: our top two mint nail polishes

Mint-Nail-Polish-Essie-RGB.jpgIt’s hard to find that one perfect nail polish color that’s bright and attention-grabbing but not too over the top. One that looks just as good on fingers as it does on toes. As it turns out, mint nail polish is the way to go. These are our two favorite shades.

Essie Mint Candy Apple
Since its inception in 2009, this one has been a cult favorite–and it’s easy to see why. Two coats yield absolute perfection. This polish is neither too bright nor too muted, in some lights looking almost white and others near turquoise! But, no matter what, it’s sophisticated and chic.
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RGB Minty
There’s no doubt about it, this polish really is minty green. At a recent pedicure appointment, it jumped out at us from the shelves of pinks and reds–and now we’re wearing it on our toes! Even our pedicurist had to confide that she buys bottles and bottles of this color for her personal collection. It’s creamy, it’s gorgeous, it’s completely unique. And, much like our pedicurist, we’re about to start stockpiling.
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