Make a splash: our 5 favorite fragrance splashes

Fragrance-Splashes-Image.jpgWe don’t know about you, but when it’s super hot out, the last thing we want to do is douse ourselves with a heavy perfume. It just feels too cloying and close for our tastes when it’s over 85 degrees and sticky outside! That’s where fragrance splashes come in handy. They’re light, they’re fresh, they provide just enough scent to make you feel pretty but not so much that you’ll feel like you’re drowning. These are our five favorites.

Bath & Body Works Malibu Heat Fine Fragrance Mist
Juicy notes like fresh mandarin and pineapple blend with more sensual ones like creamy vanilla and sandalwood in this fragrance that transports us right to–you guessed it–Malibu.
$14 at

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Mist
Smells delightfully orange-tastic but without feeling too girlish or cutesy. And, truth be told, it makes us want to bite right into a juicy tangerine.
$12 at

gud Orange Petalooza Natural Body Mist
Yes, another orange fragrance! What can we say, oranges make us feel all summery inside and out. This one combines with hyacinth for a delightfully feminine finish.
$5.99 at

Demeter Fragrance Library Cosmopolitan Cocktail Pick-Me-Up Cologne Spray
To be perfectly honest, we had a tough time picking a favorite from the Demeter fragrance collection. Every one just smells so divine and delicious! But we landed on this one, because who doesn’t want to feel like she’s in an episode of Sex and the City with what’s still one of the coolest drinks around?
$20 at

LaLicious Sugar Kiss Everyday Everywhere Spray
The blend of rose, citrus and vanilla is dangerously delectable and perfect everywhere from your clavicle to your sheets!
$25 at

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