Make a wish: Whish Almond Three Whishes Sugar Scrub

Whish-Almond-Three-Whishes-Sugar-Scrub.jpgWe’re a sucker for sweet-smelling body scrubs, especially when they
actually make our skin feel super soft. So is it any wonder that we’re
in love with Whish Almond Three Whishes Sugar Scrub?

scrub is liberally packed with tons of amazing ingredients meant to make
your skin feel just like a baby’s you know what. Check out everything
you’ll find in this rich, lush scrub:

Bamboo powder (a mineral-loaded exfoliant)
Raspberry seed (filled with antioxidants)
Brown sugar and organic sugar cane (an all-natural exfoliant)
Organic shea butter, raspberry butter and aloe (to moisturize and condition the skin)
Vitamin E and organic avocado oil (to brighten and rejuvenate the skin)

all of those ingredients just make this scrub sound good enough to eat?
It really does make skin feel unbelievably soft, and the almond scent
is just divine.

Whish Almond Three Whishes Sugar Scrub retails for $38 at

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