Make your makeup stay in place with M.A.C Fix+

MAC-Fix-+.jpgYour makeup savior? M.A.C Fix+. We’ve been obsessed with this product for years, not only for its powers of keeping makeup in place for hours and hours, but because it’s so utterly refreshing!

Admittedly, we’ve long been fans of any facial spray. From La Mer to Dermalogica, there’s just something pretty amazing about a few spritzes from a bottle that perk up your entire face. But this one from M.A.C really takes the cake, due to its ability to set makeup and make sure it just doesn’t move!

And, of course, we love the combination of vitamins and minerals that are super-calming to the skin. A mix of green tea, chamomile and cucumber just couldn’t be more soothing!

So go ahead, try Fix+. We dare you not to fall in love.

M.A.C Fix+ retails for $19 at

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