Mane 'n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner

Recently, on a trip to Sally Beauty Supply with a friend, we stumbled across a shampoo and conditioner we remember using in the past with satisfactory results, and decided to pick up two 32-ounce bottles for a whopping… $6.49. Yes, we had stumbled across a BOGO. A beauty junkie like us simply cannot resist 64 ounces of hair product for under $7, especially when we’re used to paying at least four times as much!
Well, we’re here to tell you not to let the weird, horse-marked, cheap labeling distract you from the full-hair-to-be glory that awaits. After a few days of use, our hair is thicker, shinier and more texturized. 
Reviews online point to signs of being drying, though we haven’t really noticed any drying in our locks. We were sure to leave the conditioner in for about three minutes, though, so maybe that’s the difference. And though we were a bit thrown by the human and animal directions on the bottles (this was traditionally used for horses, evidently), the super rich lather and the light, clean scent of the shampoo took away our skepticism.
After applying a little serum to our wet strands, we blow-dried our hair with a flat paddle brush, and had head-turning results (we promise, we’re pretty sure people’s heads were turning!…well, maybe.) This diamond in the rough is definitely worth a try. $6.49,

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