Mini eyeliners, big color: Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner Kit


Finding the perfect colored eyeliner for your summer beauty look just got a whole lot easier with the Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner Kit. Experimenting with different eyeliner colors can be fun, but who making a commitment to just one shade? Now you won’t have to. The convenience of multiple colors in a (commitment-free) mini version is what makes Sumita’s eyeliner kit the next item on my summer beauty list. Sumita’s eyeliners are made a soft, wax formula that applies smoothly but manages to stay put for at least a good eight hours with minimal bleeding.  The kit includes four neutral shades of color, including classic black Suman, plum Jamun, grey Raina, and navy blue Saletti. Available for sale exclusively at Birchbox for $21. 

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