Moroccanoil Oil Treatment for hair

If ever there was a wondrous, magical hair potion, it would have to be Moroccanoil. Formulated with silicones (which are great for anti-frizzing) and argan oil (the ancient beauty marvel native to Morocco), this slick solution leaves your hair super soft, shiny, and really beyond many other descriptive words. 
The first time we tried Moroccanoil, we were in the salon (which is where it is sold exclusively to ensure that the product is 100% original, as there are many knockoffs online). As we saw our stylist pour what appeared to be straight oil in his hands, our bodies instantly stiffened with fear. Oil? In our already too-greasy hair? Say it isn’t so! Before we could stop them, the oil was being slathered from wet root to wet tip. The smell was divine, but that only temporarily took away our fears of walking out of the salon looking like our head was dunked in a fryer. As Mr. Stylist started blowdrying our newly shaped coif, we caught glimpses of glossy, satin-smooth hair that looked straight out of a perfectly-lit commercial. Running our hands through our styled locks was an experience that could only be described with a corny phrase like “Out of this world.” 
No, our hair was not greasy in the least, something that could have only been accomplished by some strange, unseen magic. But for real, this liquid amber is a product that, though very pricey, is worth its weight in gold. A 3.4 fl. oz. bottle normally runs for about $40, which should last you (depending on how often you blow out your hair) a few months. If you’re weary of splurging, there is a 0.85 fl. oz. bottle that retails for $15 that is a great trial run of the product with enough to get you through about two to three weeks.

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