Nail Trend: Have you tried shattered or blasted nail polish yet?

blastednails_smh.jpgMeet the new collection of ‘blasted’ colors by OPI, reminiscent of Katy Perry’s super-popular ‘shattered’ OPI lacquer, that hit stores earlier this year and of which Katy’s mom is a big fan.

Have you tried this trend yet? Were you happy with the results? Now that summer’s here, it’s time to try it again — especially with these lighter colors like teal and blue. We’d pair the teal with a neon lavender underneath (once applied, the blasted effect shows off the original nail color) and the blue with bright yellow. And here’s a cool bonus, this could be especially useful when you don’t want a chip from playing beach volleyball to be glaringly obvious.

Sephora by OPI, $9.50 at

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