Nail your holiday look this season with Jin Soon toppings


It seems that the holiday season has gotten off to a fast start this year, so it’s time to add a little seasonal sparkle to your mani. The Jin Soon Holiday Toppings Nail Polishes ($48) three color collection encompasses all aspects of popular nail trends, including metallic coloring, glitter and texture. You could wear the polish solo or throw it over one of your favorite polishes for a modern dual look. Each color has individual attributes that separate them slightly from one another. Gala is a golden color composed of an array of finely milled rose gold particles, Fete is a pinkish purple color that consists of multidimensional specs of glitter that will catch the light from all different angles, and Soiree (my favorite) is made up of a geometric mix of randomly sized and spaced silver “diamonds” mixed in with darker onyx pieces. Whether you want to try a darker or brighter shade this holiday season, be sure to try out these amazing new polishes.

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