Nailing it: Nails Inc. The Donmar Collection

Nails-Inc.-The-Donmar-Collection.jpgWe don’t ever really have boring nails. The more outlandish, the crazier the colors, the bolder the choices, the better. So is it any wonder we’re currently loving Nails Inc.’s The Donmar Collection?

Truth be told, we’ve been super in love with every nail polish by this British import for years … and we’re thrilled that it’s finally available at Sephora. But The Donmar Collection is pretty spectacular, because the two nail polishes work so impossibly well together it’s just impossible not to fall in love.

This collection includes Chelsea, a plum black, and The Donmar Overglaze Top Coat. Chelsea is striking on its own for its dark purplish black hue and creamy, glossy finish. And the top coat is definitely one of the coolest we’ve come across–chunky flecks of hand-cut red and black glitter particles turn Chelsea (or, really, any color) totally cool and holographic.

Nails Inc. The Donmar Collection retails for $20 at

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