NARS shills new Pro Prime line with dog as spokesmodel


Yes, you read that correctly. Nars Cosmetics will introduce his new Pro Prime
line with a campaign fronted by none other than his own adorable pooch, Marcel.

nars-pro-prime-590.jpgPro Prime, which is designed to smooth skin, fill in fine lines, and keep makeup
in place, launches on May 1st at Sephora
with two products, Skin Smoothing Face Prep and Smudge Proof Eyeshadow
. Face Prep, an innovative new type of primer, is fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and is infused with film-former and
anti-caking agents that create a temporary barrier on the skin to ensure instant smoothness. Eyeshadow Base uses a
combination of polymers and mineral powder and helps prevent smudging, creasing and caking
of powder and cream eye shadow formulas.

In the campaign, the wrinkled face of possibly the cutest french bulldog in history stares from the ad wearing only a furry
collar and his golden name tag, accompanied by the quote “More than a Pretty Face”. Nars plans to release more
photos of Marcel in the coming weeks, along with tips on keeping your
makeup long lasting, on their Facebook page. Become a fan here, if you can stand the cute overload.

Available May 1st, at Sephora.

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