Our new obsession: Chanel Graphite Le Vernis Nail Colour

Chanel-Graphite.jpgWe try a lot of nail polishes. A lot of nail polishes. But right now, there’s only one we’re obsessed with–and it’s Chanel Graphite Le Vernis Nail Colour.

Is it silver? Is it grey? Is it charcoal? The good news is, it’s all of the above! One coat glides on sleek and full of gorgeous color. Glittery particles are packed into a dark grey base, creating a color like none other we’ve ever seen. We don’t have anything like it in our collection, especially since it isn’t rough or gritty like most glittery polishes.

This color looks equally as good on fingers as it does on toes. We just can’t get enough of it!

Chanel Graphite Le Vernis Nail Colour retails for $26 at chanel.com.

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