Our top 5 favorite drugstore beauty products

Drugstore-Beauty-Products-Image.jpgWe love a luxury beauty product as much as the next girl … but once in awhile, we just like to save a little dough. Luckily, there are tons of amazing drugstore beauty products out there, all retailing for under $10! Check out some of our tried and true favorites.

Pond’s Cold Cream
If we could only use one cleanser for the rest of our lives, this would be it. It’s rich, it’s thick, it’s lush … and it removes EVERY. SINGLE. STITCH. OF. MAKEUP. Seriously, it even removes theater pancake base and layer upon layer of mascara!
$3.82 at drugstore.com

Vaseline Aloe Fresh Protecting Body Lotion
Soothe any sunburn with this aloe-infused lotion. It even has SPF 15 to protect against harmful UV rays!
$5.59 at drugstore.com

Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara in Very Black
Give your lashes super, amazing drama with this mascara. One coat and they’ll instantly go from drab to fab.
$4.99 at drugstore.com

Skintimate Signature Scents Raspberry Rain Moisturizing Shave Gel
Not only does this shave gel smell fantastic, but it helps your razor to glide easily over your skin and shave every single hair down to the quick!
$3.29 at drugstore.com

Biore Steam Activated Cleanser with SteamActiv Beads
This cleanser is activated by steam (hence the name) and deep cleans the skin while you’re in the shower. So cool!
$7.99 at drugstore.com

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