Our top 3 winter beauty tips

CND Cucumber Heel Therapy.jpgCue the depressing music … winter is upon us. And since temps in New York have been way below freezing this week–14 degrees, feels like 0 is no fun to walk in at all–we’re thinking about the best winter beauty tips. Here’s how to keep feeling beautiful no matter how bundled up you may be!

Don’t take long showers.
We know that standing under a hot stream of water can make you feel better … but did you know it wreaks havoc on your skin? If your showers are too long and too hot, your skin will actually dry out. Try to keep them to five minutes or less, during which time you can crank up the heat as high as you dare.

Take care of your tootsies.
Your feet are bound to get dry and cracked when the temperature falls. We recommend a rich foot cream, like CND Cucumber Heel Therapy ($15 at ulta.com). Rub it in before bed each night and your feet will be baby soft without a flake or peel in sight!

Don’t stress your tresses.
While we definitely don’t recommend walking out of the house with wet hair–not only might you catch a cold, but your hair will freeze–you do need to protect it before blowdrying and flat ironing. Use a protective spray before any heat styling, and be sure to use a deep conditioning hair mask once or twice a month, too.

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