Perfectly dry tresses: Blow The Perfect Shower Cap

Blow-The-Perfect-Shower-Cap.jpgWe have a confession to make. We hate washing our hair. It’s such a process and takes such a long time to get the perfect blowout that once we achieve it, the last thing we want to do is start the process all over the very next day! So when we discovered the Blow The Perfect Shower Cap, we were in heaven.

This oversized shower cap keeps every hair on your head completely and perfectly dry. This is thanks to the soft terry lining that seals out moisture and ensures there’s absolutely no frizz. It even comes in its own little carrying case that’s perfect for traveling!

And did we mention how cute the shower cap is? The white plastic-like exterior is imprinted allover with Blow’s logo in bright, shocking pink. It really jazzes up your shower!

Blow The Perfect Shower Cap retails for $18 at

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