Perk up your pout with these 2 under $6 lip balms

Smith's-Vaseline-Lip-Balms.jpgGuess what? Your lips are in for a real treat. We like to think we’re connoisseurs of lip balm–we’ve tried them all, believe it or not. And, recently, these two really have us singing their praises. Oh, and the best part? They ring in under $6!

Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm
The latest in a long line of this brand’s cult favorites to switch to tube form, Minted Rose is utterly divine. It smells and tastes minty fresh and delicious, it leaves the prettiest glossy sheen upon the lips, and the squeeze tube churns out just enough product to coat your pucker for hours.
$5.59 at

Vaseline Original Lip Therapy
First of all, how cute is this miniature tub? We’ve taken to carrying it around everywhere we go, just so we can pull it out of our purse and stare admiringly. It’s just a bonus that the formula prevents chapping and makes our lips feel super soft and smooth.
$1.79 at

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