Zeno Mini

zeno mini.jpg

Some of us here battle acne, and find that we will do anything tho keep it at bay. Most of our efforts work, however, there is always that pesky little blemish that comes up when we least expect it. So what do we do? We zap it with our new Zeno Mini!

Perfect for your pocket or purse, Zeno Mini works just like the original to help most pimples improve in 24 to 48 hours. It works by applying precisely controlled low-level heat to a pimple, causing the bacteria within the pimple to self-destruct (take that zits!). Each treatment takes just two and a half minutes, and most pimples clear up within just two to three treatments. The installed Treatment Tip Cartridge contains 45 treatment cycles and is easily replaced once you’ve used them all. $89, drugstore.com  

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