Product review: eos Hand and Body Lotion

EOS-Hand-And-Body-Lotions.jpgLotion is a subjective thing. One person might like it, while another thinks it’s too greasy or watery. But we’re fairly certain everyone can agree on the brand-new range of eos Hand and Body Lotions.

The three moisturizers in this range make even the roughest, toughest skin so soft and smooth in an instant — and, thankfully, they sink into skin without leaving behind any greasy residue. (Perfect when you have to go right to your computer keyboard after rubbing it into your skin.)

Choose from the following three hand and body lotions, each formulated to leave skin touchably soft:

Boost Complete Care
Nourish Revitalizing Care
Refresh Active Care

In addition, each of the three lotions contains natural antioxidants and both Vitamins C and E, so your skin is so revitalized and nourished, you simply wont believe it. They’re also enriched with moisturizing shea butter and oat extract to protect skin from cold, wind and stress.

eos Hand and Body Lotions retail for $7.99 each at ]]>

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