Product review: Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Self-Heating Body Souffle

Ole-Henriksen-African-Red-Tea-Self-Heating-Body-Souffle.jpgLet’s face it, skin is susceptible to dryness and dehydration when the temperatures turn chilly. If you’re like us, you’ve tried just about everything to soften and nourish your skin … but nothing seems to work. Until now. We put Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Self-Heating Body Souffle to the test, and — much to our surprise! — it delivered.

This lotion joins the ranks of the Ole Henriksen African Red Tea line, a collection of over 10 products that work to strengthen, calm and soothe the skin. African Red Tea also has one other very impressive benefit, it slows the aging process! And while we don’t normally think about the skin on our bodies aging (aside from troublesome, cellulite-induced areas), it is nice to know there’s a product out there that works to combat the pesky signs of getting older.

We love that this lotion is packed to the brim with amazing properties. Citrus essential oils purify and brighten skin. Linseed, borage seed and black currant oils hydrate and protect skin cells with omega-3 fatty, oleic and palmitic acids. Pumpkin extract exfoliates, reduces irritation and balances skin tone. And our favorite ingredient of all, shea butter, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

A gel-like consistency really sets this lotion apart from others on the market. It’s cooling to the touch — and, yes, we know it says “self-heating” in the name! We’ve actually found that unless you’re rubbing it into your skin fairly vigorously, it’s actually quite cool — and, if it does feel warm, that may just be friction. Our favorite feature, though, is definitely the fact that it’s not greasy AT ALL — it sinks right into skin without leaving behind any residue. Perfect, since we like to apply it right before bed.

Our final verdict? This lotion delivers.

Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Self-Heating Body Souffle retails for $65 at


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