Protect yourself: La Prairie Ultra Protection Stick

La-Prairie-Ultra-Protection-Stick.jpgSummer may be over (cue the crying now), but it’s still hot, humid and sticky outside. And you know what that means? We’ll still be spending a whole lot of time on the beach or walking around outside! So, as a result, we need our trusty La Prairie Ultra Protection Stick by our side.

We love this stick because it protects anywhere you want to roll it! Lips, nose, ears, under the eyes, the eyelids, even the backs of your knees … you name it, you can rub it there! We especially love it as a lip balm, since it moisturizes and conditions the lips and lasts for hours–and, since we’re addicted to lip balm, this makes us happy!

Plus, it’s formulated with SPF 40. How great is that?

La Prairie Ultra Protection Stick retails for $70 at

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