Recessionista Special: The Best Headbands Under $10

We’ve gotta say, there are times that we hate this recession
more than others. And the fact that we have to scrimp and save on our beauty
products more than ever before doesn’t always sit well with us. But you know
what? We’ve decided to make the best of it. And after embracing our inner
recessionista, we’ve discovered that there are tons of products out there under
$10 that really and truly get the job done! This week? The best headbands under $10. Check out our faves!

Forever 21 Houndstooth Headband.jpg Forever 21 Houndstooth Satin Bow Headband

If preppy style is your thing, then this is most definitely the headband for you. The oversized bow with splashy houndstooth pattern is preppy, that’s for sure … though the silk headband it rests on makes it just a little bit more uppercrust.

$2.80 at

Spiegel Quilted Patent Headband.jpg

Quilted Patent Headband

Faux patent leather is styled in a gorgeous quilted design that just looks totally gorgeous against any hair color.
$9 at

Free People Fabric Headband.jpg Free People Flannel Strand Ribbon Headband

Different fabrics and colors are woven together to create this hippie-chic headband. Choose from Cherry, Orange or Navy Gingham — or layer like the model is doing here — to really make your look stand out.

$4.95 each at

American Apparel Afrika Headband.jpg

American Apparel Afrika Printed Cotton Spandex Jersey Headband

We’ll totally rock this vibrantly patterned style while we’re on the elliptical at the gym. Anything to keep from using those normally boring fabric headbands that just make us look like we’re about to wash our face!

$9 at

Forever 21 Spotted Feather Covered Headband.jpg

Forever 21 Spotted Feather Covered Headband

This style is so chic we can hardly stand it. The feather detailing dresses up even the plainest jeans and tees, rendering any look totally glam within seconds.

$4.80 at

And for even more chic options, check out our stylebook below!

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