Recessionista Special: The Best Body Washes Under $10

We’ve gotta say, there are times that we hate this recession more than others. And the fact that we have to scrimp and save on our beauty products more than ever before doesn’t always sit well with us. But you know what? We’ve decided to make the best of it. And after embracing our inner recessionista, we’ve discovered that there are tons of products out there under $10 that really and truly get the job done! First up on our list? The best body washes under $10. Check out our faves!

H20+ Lemon Lust Shower Gel.jpgH20+ Lemon Lust Shower & Bath Gel
This has been one of our faves for years. We love the little bubbly goodness inside the tube, not to mention how squeezy it is in the shower. And the lemony scent just makes us feel like summer is on the way, even when it’s minus twenty degrees outside!
$6 at

Kings & Queens Nefertiti Honey Shower Gel.jpgKings & Queens Shower Gel in Nefertiti Honey
We’d been hearing about this brand for months before we finally checked it out. And wow, are we glad we did! This scent seriously smells so much like honey, it’s hard to refrain from drinking it!  Luckily, it lathers up just as good as it smells.
$9 at

Philip B Chocolate Milk Body Wash.jpgPhilip B. Chocolate Milk Body Wash & Bubble Bath
O … M … G. This stuff smells exactly like chocolate milk. Much like the Kings & Queens shower gel, we honestly have to tear ourselves away from the bottle before we drink it all. And hey, it’s lower on the calories!
$8 at

Victoria's Secret Sweet Temptation Body Wash.jpgVictoria’s Secret Sweet Temptation Exhilarating Body Wash
Apricot, grapefruit and lily of the valley make up this scent, which is so divine we can’t wait to lather up with it every day. It just makes us feel oh so sophisticated and sultry.
$8.50 at

Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Shower Gel.jpgBath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Shower Gel
Mmmmmmm. That’s honestly the best compliment we can give this one, which just is so rich and creamy and makes us feel like we’re in the most homey place ever when we lather up. We’ll say it again … mmmmmm.
$6 at

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