Review: Softsoap body washes

Softsoap-Brand-Body-Wash-Black-Orchid.jpgThose of us who dread the early morning shower, especially as the cold creeps in, are always on the lookout for decadent, moisturizing new potions to make the process a bit more enjoyable. Thankfully, Softsoap’s new luxe body washes have us covered.

The new lineup includes:

  • Nutri Serums Mineral Extracts – This luxurious formula is infused with mineral extracts to enhance skin’s radiance, while providing a concentrated dose of nutrients for soft, healthy-looking skin. 
  • Body Butter Mega Moisture Heavenly Vanilla – This thick, rich formula delivers long-lasting moisture with a comforting vanilla scent that leaves you feeling relaxed and ready to conquer your day. Restores moisture to help prevent the appearance of dry skin
  • Black Orchid & Velvet Hibiscus– Enriched with real hibiscus extract, this natural skin conditioner leaves skin silky soft and irresistible to the touch.  

The Nutri Serum is light and has a soothing gel texture, and leaves skin luminous. The Black orchid has an intoxicating, spicy scent that leaves skin feeling…sexy. Perhaps best for the colder months, the rich vanilla Body Butter leaves skin silky and smells exactly as described…heavenly. We couldn’t stop smelling our arm all day.

We’ve been using these three in heavy rotation… it’s impossible to choose just one! 


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