Sampar Paris Bon Weekend Kit

sampar good weelned 1.jpgSpecially developed for travel, Sampar’s Bon Weekend Kit contains all
five of the essential products in Sampar’s luxe skincare line, allowing you to continue
with your Sampar routine while away from home.
Easily slipped into an overnight bag or purse, the kit contains:

2 bottles of Velvet Cleansing Milk – a hydrating, soft cleanser with lime blossom and rosewater.

Equalizing Foam Peel – essential oils and AHAs to remove dead skin cells.

Ultra Hydrating Fluid– hydrating moisturizer.

Nocturnal Lifting Mask
– this one is tricky. This “mask” is actually an overnight moisturizer that firms, reduces lines and plumps with” 95 % active ingredients”. Rinse off in the

All of the products pack a major punch in the way of beautiful skin, but our favorites were the Equalizing Foam and the Nocturnal Mask. Baby soft skin, no joke. Our skin has never looked brighter or more smooth. It’s like a facial in a little kit!

The set is perfect for on the go, and the products smell divine. The rose scent of the hydrating moisturizer may be addicting. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

$25.00 at beauty360.

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