Say AU REVOIR to blemishes and Bonjour to smooth skin

Move over Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.

AU REVOIR!.jpgVotre Vu Au Revoir works to minimize the inflammation caused by pimples
and other skin irritants while keeping the affected area clean and free
of harmful bacteria. Salicylic acid is anti-inflammatory, disinfecting agent that works to restore the skin’s surface, normalizing the production of sebum and keeping breakouts at bay. Healing camphor provides unmatched properties to purify and disinfect the skin, while the anti-bacterial ingredients tighten pores, allowing your skin’s surface to take on a completely new appearance – uniform, clean and matte. Together, the ingredients combine to keep your skin flawless.

In the same vein as Badescu’s potion, the instructions say to dip a clean cotton swab straight down into the powdery base, being careful not to shake or mix the ingredients. Kind of like a cool, blemish fighting game of Operation!


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