Secret Outlast Clear Gel prevents those white marks fail moments

Deodorant. If there’s one thing my little black dresses hate more than anything, it’s deodorant. Like most women, I have several go-to LBDs in my wardrobe that have gotten me through any number of occasions. Besides being flattering, versatile and, well, black, there’s one thing all of my LBDs have in common: a semi-permanent white mark where the fabric rubs against my deodorant (see the not-so-glamorous evidence below).



Not only are deodorant white marks unsightly, they’re also extremely difficult to remove. Water won’t do it — and most of my LBDs are dry clean only anyway. Rubbing a dry cloth against it can remove some of the white stuff, but never entirely. And through all my many years of wearing deodorant, I have yet to find a truly “clear” option that won’t leave behind any residue. Until now.

Secret Outlast Clear Gel was created for exactly the purpose of combatting white marks. It took a couple days to get used to the gel formula since I’m so accustomed to solid deodorant sticks, but I’m thrilled to say that this formula truly is clear! No residue is left behind on clothes or visible on my underarms. The product claims superior odor and wetness protection which I can personally attest to.

Clearly I’m not the only one who’s experienced a white marks fail and Secret has created a series of pretty funny videos that parody the mishap. One of my favorites is shown below.

Secret_Profense Logo.jpgIf you’re not using Secret Outlast Clear Gel, you’ve likely experienced a White Marks Fail moment of your own. Tweet your #WhiteMarksFail at @SecretDeodorant and try Secret Outlast Clear Gel for 48 hour odor and wetness protection – and no white marks.

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