Sephora by OPI Eighteen Piece Mini Nail Colour Set

With the onset of every new season (or at least the thought of the onset), we get an itching to update our lacquer drawer. With Pantone releasing its colors of the season, including coral rose, honeysuckle and russet, just the sound of those shades fill us with delight and visions of sweet and rich hues sported on our nails. 
And since we always have the hardest time deciding which polishes to invest in, why not invest in a little bit of everything? Enter the Sephora by OPI Eighteen Piece Mini Nail Colour Set. Eighteen? Yes ma’am! Our favorite shades we are most excited to try are Access 24/7 (a rich pink), Caliente Coral (the name speaks for itself), and Dating the Drummer (a rich brown.) 
For just under $50, you get 18 mini bottles of 0.12 ounces (the regular bottle size is 0.5 ounces), which we love for throwing in our toiletry or makeup bags for impulse painting, or necessary touch-ups. $48, 

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