Sephora by OPI Urban Ballerina collection


Since last spring, neutrals – especially in shoes – have been on trend. They extend your legs to glorious lengths, so the fact that nudes and neutrals are still the talk of the fashion town this spring (and will continue into fall) is hardly a surprise at all. Enter the Sephora by OPI Urban Ballerina collection. This new color set is probably one of our favorite releases by OPI as of late (second to that would be the Texas collection.) Adding a neutral tone to your nails – either your hands or feet – is honestly the best addition to any outfit or accessory. It’s the perfect canvas for your wardrobe – trust us. Each of these colors is so soft, so creamy, so delicious, it makes us want to do plies in our pink tutus! 
By far, our favorite hues are Leotard Optional (far left), and Break a Leg-Warmer! (far right.) Every gal needs these in her lacquer drawer. Two of the much lighter hues, which make you look super tan, btw, are The Way Tutu His Heart and Let’s Plie (which is metallic, unlike the prior three that are opaque.) 
Rounding off the three sparkly colors is Shiny Dancer (top row grey), and Who’s Spinning Tonight (grapey-purple.) We prefer the creamy opaque colors, but the metallic tones are fun, too, especially that uber bright purple, though we aren’t entirely sure how it fits into the collection (we guess every girl needs a little pizazz, huh?) $9.50,

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