Sephora Collection Color Wands for Lips


The new color wands from the Sephora Collection are genius. Honestly, they are so brilliant, it’s amazing to us to think that no one ever thought of something like this before (well, maybe they have, but they clearly weren’t memorable enough to mention here.) Each wand comes equipped with six different colors. The Nymph wand (center) comes with clear gloss, light pinks, and neutral peaches. The Siren wand (right) has medium pinks, berry tones and shimmery nudes. Our favorite, though, was the Muse wand (left). It comes stacked with glossy plum, tangerine and a variety of nudes. 
All wands have a mango, peachy smell and flavor. We loved how easy these were to carry around, without feeling like we were toting an arsenal of glosses with us. Think about it, if you were to purchase all three wands, which take up the space of three traditional lip glosses, you’d actually have 18 options! They aren’t sticky, and the darker hues are nicely pigmented, plus the color lasts a decent amount of time. 
Each color connects to the next with their own brush. The only problem we’d foresee having with these is falling madly in love with one or two hues, and running out quickly, since the jars are pretty micro, and we can’t imagine them lasting a huge amount of time if this were the case. 
Regardless, we absolutely adore these color wands, and at $10 each, think they’re a great value, as well.

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