Beauty 101: Shape and Define Your Brows

eyebrows.jpgIf you pay attention to trends, you’ve noticed that the shape and fullness of eyebrows has gone back and forth between bold and full to sleek and thin. While the former is more popular this season, we all agree that defined and properly shaped brows really make a difference to the face. Take a look at some brow-loving products we love for keeping our eyes’ frames in tip-top shape.






Anastasia Brow Ex-press

This travel kit includes everything you’ll need to create fabulous-looking brows, anytime, anywhere: four brow stencils to suit your brow shape; two brow powders, choose from blonde or brunette, to give your brows the most natural look; an angled brush for clean application; cream highlighter for application along the brow bone to lift and accentuate the eyes and wax cream created to hold a perfect shape all day. $38,



revlon colorstay brow enhancer.jpgRevlon ColorStay Brow Enhancer

For full and natural-looking volume, Revlon has produced one of our top drugstore brow product picks. This two-sided brow styler has a tinted wax on one end and a highlighter on the other end. The result is soft, long-lasting definition for our brows and an accentuated brow bone, giving our eyes a more lifted appearance. $8.99,




lavaquetweezers.jpgLaVaque Tweezers

Creating a clean, well-groomed brow requires using a really good pair of tweezers. We were recently introduced to these LaVaque tweezers and already love them for being so precise and easy to use. To add to the glam factor, these tweezers are also available with 13 colors of Swarovski Crystals. Every pair comes with a lifetime guarantee: “you break ’em, you dull ’em, we replace ’em. No questions asked”. From $14.95,




sephorabrandeyebrowtrimmerbrush.jpgSephora Brand Eyebrow Trimmer/Brush

Trimming the length of brow hair will keep them looking more polished and . It can be overdone, but Sephora’s trimmer with fabulous brush attachment makes it virtually impossible to do so. $18,





Tweezerman After Tweeze Soothing Cream

After waxing or tweezing, skin can become sore, so we treat it with this. Formulated with moisturizers, honey and rice bran extract, this calming cream cools and comforts skin. $7.99,

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